From The Author

When my oldest daughter turned five, my mother gave her a vintage tooth pillow for her birthday.  I immediately recognized it as the same, lovable tooth pillow I had when I was a child.  My grandmother had made the pillow for my siblings and me.  Fond memories of losing my teeth, putting them in the tooth pillow's pocket, and waiting for the Tooth Fairy began to come back to me.  I remembered adoring this soft, snuggly tooth pillow and the Tooth Fairy traditions that went with it.  

These memories are what inspired me to create a sweet and timeless keepsake for children losing their baby teeth.  I guess you could say I discovered a wiggle too!  Together with the support of my husband and business partner and the talented artists at Replace Inc., Tug and his world came to life.  I hope Tug and the Tooth brings the same joy and comfort to your children as he does to mine.  

Heidi Whitaker