What's the Story?

Losing a first tooth is one of the most significant milestones in a young child's life. "Tug and the Tooth" is a new Tooth Fairy tradition that supports and celebrates children as they go through this timeless experience.

Tug, a lovable tooth pillow, is a special friend of the Tooth Fairy. He carries a backpack in which to place a tooth on the night a child waits for the Tooth Fairy to arrive. He will keep the tooth safe and exchange it with the Tooth Fairy for something special. Tug is noble and trustworthy. His job is to support a child when he or she has a loose tooth.  

"Tug and the Tooth" is a colorful story about a little girl named Liza who discovers she has a loose tooth. She is introduced to Tug who is a friend and guide. Together they embark on a great adventure to the land of Tirol, where she learns to handle fear and excitement as she goes through the experience of losing her first tooth.